DAYTONA: A cocaine story


According to Justice Secretary David Gauke middle-class dinner party cocaine sniffers bear responsibility  for London's knife crime. But, despite its ravenous effects, we cannot get enough of all things white powder (Scarface is considered one of the finest movies of all time, whilst Narcos was reportedly 2017's most streamed show).

DAYTONA is a masterful addition to our stash of cocaine stories.

At just 7 tracks, DAYTONA is refreshingly pithy, bleeding cocaine content and transporting listeners to a narcotic universe. Pusha T presents an alternate American Dream on 'Come Back Baby'; just hone the art of cooking, cutting, bagging and marketing it — “white on white that’s the tester” — and you’ll reap rewards, “black on black that’s the Tesla”. The hook on 'Hard Piano' continues this drug narrative by paying religious homage to Santa Domingo, a key trading post as cocaine makes its way to the street corners of Harlem and soirées of Hampsted. Rick Ross is a perfect feature for this sinister track, he too is amongst the last remaining lyricists, with a drug moniker aligned with Pusha T’s: “Diamonds drippin' on me / V in Tiffany's / All these K-9 units still sniffin' me”.

Yet, DAYTONA shouldn't be stashed solely in the 'Cocaine Rap' draw. 

The now trending ‘Infrared’ delivers body blows to Instagram Aubrey with a level of nous only natural from man who spent last year on a political campaign team: “The lyric pennin' equal the Trumps winnin’ / The bigger question is how the Russians did it / It was written like Nas, but it came from Quentin”. We see vulnerability in ‘Santeria’ as the rapper battles demons following the murder of his manager: “now that the tears dry and the pains take over, let’s talk this Payola” , delivered over a shuddering drum beat and eerie sample. 

Props go to Kanye West The Pariah for exemplary production. The whole album is an 'Old Kanye' masterpiece, with Kanye trawling through thousands of tracks in search of perfect samples, before injecting  shuddering 808 drums.  

With the rise of Mumble Rap, purists simply want to be able to hear rap lyrics, through DAYTONA, you live them.


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