The decision by Jay Z and Kanye West to "redefine black power" on 2011 track 'Murder to Excellence' seemed uplifting, initially. Unfortunately, this redefinition equated to a game of Name As Many European Luxury Brands as Possible

Jay Z appears to have seen the error of his ways. But #BlackExcellence has since morphed into a strange idyll.

Diddy, the pre-eminent figure in the #BlackExcellence social media movement, wraps true black pioneering with unadulterated materialism, and places both in a #BlackExcellence casing. One peculiar Instagram post saw the mogul and his sons draped in thousands of dollars in furs and Gucci labelled #BlackExcellence.

Similarly, rapper T.I. – when attending the recent Roc Nation pre-Grammy’s brunch – deemed multi-millionaires (including Diddy) gathering in New York for a boozy brunch #BlackExcellence

Rap fans understand the value of 'the come up' to the culture. Stunting sells. But why repackage pure showing off as a marker of black success?


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