Are you still drinking Perrier-Jouët?

On Family Feud – the standout track from his 13th studio album 4:44 – Jay Z shuns popular black plight narratives in favour of black excellence. Family Feud deals exclusively with positivity in the black experience – in Hov's case, black intergenerational wealth and fatherhood. Clearly, Jay Z (now aged 47 and 3 kids deep) has reached the high-water mark in aspirational rap, taking the theme to a “whole different mode”. For an ageing fan base, wanting more from their rappers, Family Feud is kryptonite to the sewage oozing from tattoo-faced youngsters. It is what we need. Not all will reach Jay Z levels of wealth or cultural traction – but Family Feud really isn’t about that. It is about empowering loyal fans to embrace a different mentality. Are you “still drinking Perrier-Jouët?” he asks. Sneeringly. Jay Z’s lyric choice coupled with Beyoncé’s celestial backing vocals on Family Feud has all mature rap fans considering whether it may be time to irrevocably adopt an Armand de Brignac mind frame. Give it a listen via TIDAL here.


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