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Friday, February 01, 2013 0

With dust settling on another football transfer window, one cannot help but notice the lure of the day has faded.

When a blurry-eyed sports anchor headed to the Sky Pad the dire state of the transfer deadline day was revealed. It displayed January's top spenders as Newcastle United. Now, with all respect to the toon army, the signing of obscure Ligue 1 players is not what the transfer window represented. At its 2008 peak, deadline day was when the big boys came out to play. We became accustomed to shots of Sir Alex speeding to private airports to personally chauffeur stars from their G4 Jets aiming to force through astronomical deals. Deadline day was once a lavish display of extravagance. It was footballs answer to Paris Fashion Week, with Robinho's confused face gingerly grasping a Man City shirt having an ethereal quality for the deadline day fateful. Learning that Stoke secured the services of Brek Shea doesn't really compare.

Sky's presentation has also fallen by the wayside. Deadline day protagonist Jim White, once our colourful man on the inside, has shrivelled into a caricature of himself. His deadline day delivery now lacks the genuine passion that made him famous. Sky Sports News have become far too aware of themselves on deadline day, constructing video montages of 'best bits' whilst also pre-empting the live reactions of testosterone fueled fans 'looking to get on the telly'.

Indeed, the presenters insistence on wearing synchronised ties and dresses proves symbolic of what deadline day has become, a very sad gimmick.

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