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Monday, December 31, 2012 0

With frighteningly accurate levels of foresight Kanye West predicted on 2005 album track Celebration that he “had some problems before .. but [would] let them go” and would have a "well endowed" surprise baby with “a momma that had a phatty”.    TheTasteLevel too has has decided to turn to prophecy, pondering what the future holds for the Kim and Kanye's kid:

Celebrity Agent: Kim Kadashian appears to have a knack for making folk famous. Indeed, Kanye even admits she made herself a “superstar all from a home movie”. She then proceeded to make her mum, sisters, brother and interesting looking step-dad very famous too. Yeezy has a similar knack. Having provided a foothold for the careers of Lupe Fiasco, Cyhi The Prynce, Kid Cudi and Big Sean. Perhaps it will run in the kids blood ?

Fashionista: Both parents are renowned for their ostentatious sense of style. Upon breaking into the rap game with College Dropout, Kanye was unique in his ultra preppy mix of Ralph Lauren polo shirts and sweaters with Louis Vuitton backpacks. Six studio albums and millions of dollars later Mr West continues to try interesting things.

One half of a rap duo: Any serious rap fan will know that familial rap duos can really work well. Take, for instance, brothers Pusha T & Malice of Clipse who in their day pushed the boundaries of cocaine rap. Also take (perhaps lesser) note of Peckham duo Joe Grind and his brother Giggs. Given that Jay-z and Kanye West will both have kids, and they have proclaimed to be little and big brother in all but name, good money is on their successors eventually taking up the mantle and producing some sort of cousin to cousin sequel to Watch The Throne .

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