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Sunday, December 09, 2012 0

As winter closes its time to think of getting winter footwear.  The obvious choice are a pair of boot. Regretfully, the boot of choice has recently been the JLS-boot. These chimney sweep things look thin and have typically been worn by chaps in a tightly tied up fashion, tucked under the trouser. Its time to move away from those, and towards something more sophisticated. Here are some options.

Desert Boot (first row)
Desert boots were first used by the British Army in the Western Desert Campaign against Axis Forces in World War II. Since then the boot has become a grown up piece of fashion footwear popularized by retailer Clarks. Their understated construction provide a perfect option that will go with just about anything else.  Such basic pairs can be picked up for shockingly cheap prices on eBay. However, should you want something more out there Topman are currently selling a dashing pair in leopard print.

Chelsea Boots (second row) 
Much like the desert boot these also have a historical grounding. Apparently conceived in the Victorian Era as a comfortable  riding boot, the Chelsea boot is quintessentially British and enjoyed popularity in the 1920's and 60's. Their contained construction means they suit those with slim and longer legs.  Do not bother wearing if totally covered by a pair of baggy trousers.

Hiking Boots: Vibram Sole or Duck Boot (final row)
These appear a modern day invention. With a greater length and weight than the above, such boots will not be for everyone. However, the Vibram sole boot is really interesting due to its thick white sole, whilst the water resistant Duck Boot also brings something new to the table. Such hiking boots, will probably never be worn for hiking and are more a matter of style over substance. Tie the boot up loosely, neatly fold your trousers up over the boot and lounge in their amazingness.     

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