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Friday, November 23, 2012 0

Now you are au fait with Formula One terminology it is time to acquire a new set of man skills. This blog has long expressed a fondness for the winter months. So, as things are already getting bitterly cold, it seems TheTasteLevel’s masculine duty to help you survive the next few months.

Go Sheepskin or Shearling

Do not purchase a new winter coat if not lined with sheepskin or shearling. Your neck will look naked, lonely and decrepit. Whilst sheepskin/shearling collars are this year’s must-have due to their ability to make a well cut pea-coat look more luxurious, and, quite frankly, proudly ostentatious, warm animal lining has obvious practical benefits. If still unconvinced consult Del Boy on the merits of wearing a sheepskin coat.

Drink Horlicks

Buying coffee is great way to spend money staining your teeth and lining the pockets of tax avoiding conglomerates. Consider, and altogether more wholesome malt-based drink  alternative. Horlicks is a staple winter warmer, its delicate mixture of milky goodness and sweetened wheat creating a soothing panacea within a cruel British winter.  


You are not too cool for long johns.  These age-old thermal undergarments are simply indispensable come winter time. Wrapping around one’s body to frightfully tight degrees, putting on your thermals in winter is what separates the men from the boys. Indeed, the long john – whilst not having intrinsic aesthetic beauty – helps you keep discreetly warm whilst still being able to wear any range of on point outfits. This is especially handy have you not yet purchased that sheepskin coat.

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