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Monday, November 05, 2012 0
Real men checking out the engine

Here comes your first in a series of Man Skills posts. The aim of Man Skills is equip the unabashedly self-conscious male with those slices of information needed to stay afloat in an era in which some gleefully welcome The End of Men. Nothing seems more manly than driving fast cars and spraying champagne in someone’s face for no clear reason. Formula One is therefore a good way to kick things off.

Conversation starters
Should you find yourself faced with a group of young rich blokes wearing tight shirts and white trousers, they will most certainty be into Formula One. To ensure you make a good impression on these affluent chaps slip the sport into conversation subtly. When its finally your turn to bemoan the British economy draw an analogy between sluggish GDP figures and the decline of Formula One’s excitement due to too many safety cars and a regulation-happy FIA.

Looking the part
Feigning expertise in Formula One requires looking the part as well. Pick a team (preferably not Ferrari or McLaren as their popularity makes you look a novice) then go online and purchase some everyday team merchandise like a mouse mat or team cap (don’t buy too much as it makes you look suspiciously eager). 

Key Quotes
He needs to leave room for the DRS on the shift
If he doesn’t take a pit stop here the tyres risk burning out
F1 has not been the same since the late great Senna”
With a few adjustments to the gear box I really think they could win the constructor's championship”

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