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Saturday, May 19, 2012 0
Fringe And Bead Suede Boots - ASOS//  Yellow Dollar Sign Print Shirt (Limited Edition) - Topman// 3.  Paisley Dressing Gown by Turnbull & Asser - Mr Porter//4. Mustard Gord Chinos by Self - Self//5. Ethnic Fabric Backpack - Zara//6. St Edward's Socks - Smart Turnout//7. Printed Cotton-Blend Pocket Square by Drakes - Mr Porter//8. Chronograph Wristwatch by Uniform Wares - Uniform Wares//9. Reversible Wool & Silk Scarf - Aspinal of London

Were blog posts people I'd feel sorry for this one. It has been ignored, trampled on, re-drafted, deleted, 'un-deleted' and ultimately left to rot. I penned 'YOLO Living' over 4 months ago yet actively discriminated against it in favour of lesser quality posts. 'YOLO Living' got the cold shoulder as a result of me being enraged at the prospect of the term becoming deeply embedded in popular culture.

Having watched Afro-Italian physcomaniac Mario Balotelli nearly lose his team the league by way of a horrific crunch tackle against Arsenal's Bacary Sagna– all whilst sporting an undergarment City's kitman kindly labelled with YOLO – it was clear this phrase wasn't going away. It seems, having trickled down from American rap into English football, YOLO has indeed oozed into many parts of our culture. Even the lofty heights of British academia have been left untouched. In fact one studious library chap consistently sports a hoody emblazoned with YOLO (and a translation: You Only Live Once, in case you were unaware), almost as a revision aid.

The truth is that I shouldn't have feared YOLO. A YOLO state of mind empowers us to do extraordinary things. Whether it's deciding to hack off the leg of a fellow footballing professional, blow all your money on high grade cocaine, or, like me, to get out of bed at 4am and travel to satisfy an urge for orange juice. YOLO has a degree of moral force. Which begs the question, why bother buying a shirt to say you are YOLO? Surely, YOLO a matter of fact? Or perhaps such a question is unfair, after all appearance does convey mood. The question should instead be: why wear something simply stating that you're YOLO Living, instead of actually oozing flamboyance?

If I were Mario Balotteli I would pop down to Prince Charles' favourite clothier Turnbull & Asser, purchase this silk paisley smoking jacket (No. 3), match it with an Aspinal of London scarf (No.9) and sport both whilst warming up for City's next match – to really show my YOLO state of mind. For those living only once on a cheaper budget, these Yellow trousers by Self (No. 4) alongside a garish Topman shirt (No. 2) should also do the trick – as who cares about looking like a rotting banana, if one is only living once? 

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