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Sunday, May 27, 2012 0
Taken by The Taste Level

Every time England goes through a patch of summer I think the same thing: Couldn't we attempt to reinvent the reinvention of fedora's/trilby hats/ any other form of quirky dress hat? I broke down my general reasoning to a friend yesterday. Prima facie, such hats are cool/trendy/original – The Taste Level is fan of that . However, the problem arises when they become so widely accepted as cool/quirky/original that they are indeed, no longer any such thing. Summer does well to bring out this strange dichotomy. When walking around any part of any city, the task of finding a fedora/trilby coupled with either: a)denim jacket, b)vintage/fitted blazer, c)leather jacket, d)non-sleeved button shirt(if female), e)short-sleeve pattern shirt and cropped shorts (if male) – is not too troublesome a task.

However, when The Taste Level spotted Darrell – Financial Director of lifestyle Fashion PR company Blow – wearing one just off Oxford Street things became a little more exciting. Like most, this fedora marks Darrell out as someone that is unashamedly fashionable. However, he keeps things fresh. Pairing it off with my personal obsession, a button-down collar shirt – arguably the best of all shirt types due to its never ending versatility. Alongside this is a grey cardigan to break up the all-black affair, paired-off with well-cut trousers and finely polished brogues. Everything is very business like.

After congratulating Darrell on reinventing the reinvented fedora, one wonders what Darrell's favourite brands are. He told us they include contemporary British label Sons of Heroes and DRKSHDW, the denim range by celebrated American designer Rick Owens.

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