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Sunday, April 01, 2012 0
Taken by TheTasteLevel
Some weeks ago the TheTasteLevel posted a groundbreaking post, dubbed 'confessions of a secret hiker'. In delivering this emotionally charged account of ones struggle with a sordid past time the aim was to encourage others to feel free to just be themselves. It now seems that this selfless contribution to the male psyche may not have been in vain.

When we stopped Andy on his way to lunch he told us of his interesting job – he works in behavioral design?! Also intriguing was his Nordic hitchhiker look. Having taken off his textured pea coat, Andy unleashed something interesting. Braces. This is an accessory not many gents sport, however Andy pulled it off alongside this crew neck sweater and heavy duty gloves. His rugged outdoors look was completed with this pair of vibram sole Mr Hare boots. Despite not actually revealing that TheTasteLevel enabled him to pull of such a look, we figured out this must have been the case.

Job done.

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