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Sunday, February 12, 2012 0
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Blue Ivy Carter is clearly a baby with the greatest of expectations. Following the first images of Shawn 'Jay-z' Carter and Beyonce Knowles' little baby, I got thinking rather seriously .What does a baby with its own dedicated blog, Neptunes-produced song, and a $750 million inheritance have to achieve? This is something that has been doing the rounds in my head, so I woke up extra early to ponder what the future holds for Blue Ivy.

  1. Super Star Rapper: With the blood of the guy who penned Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint and The Black Album in her veins she may well have a penchant for laying down lyrics. Indeed, she has already featured on The Glory, making her the youngest ever artist to chart on the U.S Billboard Charts. It's not totally unreasonable to suggest that Blue may grow up to eclipse Nicki Minaj and do the world a favour in the process.
  1. Marine Biologist: The ascent of both parents reveals a degree of intelligence. When we combine such genes with what would undoubtedly be the best education money can buy, anything is possible.

  2. Hedge Fund Manager: Both parents have a knack for investment. Beyonce has diversified her pools of income in fashion, film, endorsements and real estate -- where she apparently lost near to half a million dollars on a bad investment. Jay-z, meanwhile, is a seasoned investor. He negotiated an exclusive record deal with Live Nation, and holds stakes in the basketball club New Jersey Nets and the exclusive 40/40 nightclub. Blue Ivy could have a similar streak for multiplying dollars.

  3. Lady of Leisure: Like many celebrity kids before her, she can simply just sit back and play with money for the rest of her life.

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