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Monday, February 06, 2012 1
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If you could confidently translate 'Mylo Xyloto', congratulations! You have managed to outsmart the internet and the originators of the term who hold that it has no meaning. It is simply a manifestation of “ something [that] feels quite fresh”. On the whole, Mylo Xyloto, now Coldplay's 5th studio album, sacrifices a fraction of lyricism. However – and perhaps more importantly – it is laced with more than a shed load of pop appeal. Therefore should Coldplay's threats to call it quits after this offering hold true, the loss of stand-out tracks such as Charlie Brown would be lamentable.

Charlie Brown, the third single from Mylo Xyloto, takes the awesome title track from Coldplay's 4th album Viva La Vida and humiliates it. Courtesy of what can best be described as an 'Avatar-esque' sample, listeners are made aware that a journey of some significance will shortly begin. Coupled with this 'sci-fi sample' is the steady crescendo of a guitar chord capable of performing mental pirouettes, if you let it. T.V stations appear to have clocked such addictive qualities. With many, including Sky Sports, now using chunks of Charlie Brown for their idents. But it's a while before you can really get sick of Charlie Brown. On each listen Chris Martin's soothing vocals absorb you. His delivery proves both composed and impassioned, with abstract lyrics describing “scarecrow dreams” alongside talk of being "a bright red rose come bursting the concrete” sufficient excuse to constantly hit replay. A straw poll reveals no concise interpretation in any case. In fact, whether one can truly understand Charlie Brown's meaning is frankly immaterial. When faced with this finely knit mixture of Chris Martin vocals,throbbing drums, and fiery guitars, it's best just to turn the volume up and block out all other thoughts.

In any case, the song probably has no meaning.

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