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Monday, January 09, 2012 1

Barely a few days into 2012 and I wrote it off in terms of Hip Hop music. It seemed nothing could really top 2011 - a year which saw the release of Watch The Throne, another phase of silence for 50 cent and Drake drop the critically acclaimed Take Care. However Common's recent decision to do the unthinkable and verbally assault that aforementioned Canadian poster boy has set 2012 alight. Whilst Common hinted at a clear distaste for Drake in his latest single Sweet,lines such as "Son of a b**ch//I imagine what your father is" on this freestyle to Stay Scheming (featuring Rick Ross and yes Drizzy Drake) where unexpected. Just in case anyone isn't sure who this "amateur guy" Common refers to actually is, he helpfully reminds all to "make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake". Common 1, Drake 0.

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  1. Watch The Throne really wasn't even that fantastic tbh. If 2012 doesn't top 2011 for Hip Hop I will be very worried and dissapointed

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