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Sunday, December 25, 2011 0

Happy Christmas! Right about now (if you're anything like me) you're probably getting in the correct mental and physical zone for yet more food. I truly hope Santa has planted some lovely goodies underneath your tree. However, if he hasn't been on form today don't wait for the traditional Boxing Day sales to rectify this. As tomorrow may be too late.

With the high street already seeing reductions of up to 70%, the notion of a sacred Boxing Day sale seems dead. Indeed, even the most popular retailers, including H&M , have already wielded a very large machete to prices. Having already dabbled in pre-Boxing Day sales I can confirm that the best items seem to be thinning out.

The demise of Boxing Day has been aided by the internet. This very post was inspired by the raft of emails I got this morning from stores wanting me to betray my family and spend Christmas Day online shopping instead. Offenders include Topman, Comet and ASOS. I declined such offers last year, and ended up on Boxing Day at Oxford Street rummaging through peculiar sizes thinking: Surely nobody would do shopping on Christmas Day? 

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