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Sunday, October 23, 2011 0

via Jason Markk

Dedicated purveyors of footwear will find little more riling than an inconsiderate so-and-so placing their dirt infested sole all over your babies. Momentary pain turns to long term anger when upon evaluating the dog poo, grass stains and chewing gum residue now festering on your shoes you realise things will never be the same. But, thankfully, help is at hand.

American company Jason Markk has created an arsenal of organic high-end products ready to deploy against these monsters. Unlike most, these solutions come free of harsh chemicals and can be used on a wide array of materials. The Premium Solution Set comes complete with a laser etched cleaning brush (dispose of your old toothbrush now) as well as an optional non-abrasive microfibre towel that happens to be finer than human hair making it perfect for capturing dirt and dust. Jason Markk solidifies its position as the World's Most Pompous Shoe Cleaner with the beautifully designed collaboration by Nort (pictured above) featuring designs courtesy of legendary sneakerhead and graffiti artist Stash.

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