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Saturday, October 29, 2011 0

You can always trust the BBC to bring laughter to your living room. Take the timeless Only Fools and Horses, one of the funniest things in television history. Then consider Mock The Week and Outnumbered, both of which produce laughter to the point of fatal stomach ache. But The Beeb are still not satisfied. In their quest to bring even more glee to viewers they commissioned another series of The Junior Apprentice. Early estimates suggest this will be another comedy classic.

The Junior Apprentice's claim to be a search for Britain's Biggest Boldest Brightest Budding Business Brain – or something like that?!? – is the first of many punchlines. There’s a lingering suspicion that a bunch of kids – some of who appear rusty on basic maths (although the BBC reckons standard division and multiplication form the basis of an A-Level) – may not be the best youth business minds available in this fine country. Actually, we do have an eminent Economist on Team Atomic, so they could have a point.

Like every good comedy, the gold lays with the characters. Budding satellite television magnate Mahamed was undoubtedly The Junior Apprentice's Del Boy. Prior to his early sacking Mahamed was perhaps the most garishly dressed individual ever seen on television (MTV Base excluded). Just like Del Boy, Mahamed also loves a bit of flash. He was sporting a dazzling , albeit grossly oversized, gold watch alongside what appeared to be either a page boy's suit or one of P-Diddy's hand-me-downs from those Cristal popping days with the late Notorious B.I.G. Other characters of note include Haya, who seems to think A*'s at GCSE makes her the new Sir Philip Green. However word has it that certificates are handed out willy nilly around off-licences these days?  

The comedy reaches its high water mark at the very start. Here we see the part-time comedians/part-time businesskids strolling confidently around London before literally dueling each other to be first to say something crazy like: how they'd date the devil in exchange for riches. Or something equally as stupid...

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