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Friday, September 30, 2011 0

The past month has sent sneakerheads boiling to the point of explosion. At about the same rate, hardcore fans of the cult sci-fi trilogy Back To The Future(starring Michael J Fox) have also been getting incredibly hot under the collar. The uniting factor between these two, apart from their freakish obsessions, is the release of the Nike MAG. This highly exclusive trainer comes complete with in-built LED Lights, a electrolumencent  Nike logo, and amazingly, a patented self lacing system in homage to the 'power laces' from the films. Everything is exactly as Marty McFly would remember. 

via Hypebeast
Clearly a trainer worth selling your sole (lol?) to evil over doesn't come cheap. With only 1500 pairs made the Nike MAG starts at around £4,000. Given these are a piece of sneaker history with all proceeds going to the Michael J Fox Foundation, prices have sky rocketed. Tine Tempah and A.C Milan midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng deemed putting down £23,000 and £13,00 on a pair a sound investment. Meanwhile rapper, actor and renown sneakerhead Kid Cudi managed to buy 4 pairs for himself. Should you have some loose change flying about, word is that some are still flying about on ebay!

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