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Thursday, September 08, 2011 0
1. Skinny Blazer-Topman// 2.TMD Harrington Jacket- Topman// 3.Lambswool Jumper- H&M// 4. Oxford Shirt- Topman// 5. Shawl Cardigan- ASOS 6. Wool & Cotton Blend Patch Jacket by Comme des Garcons- Mr Porter
Back to some style. One of A/W '11 hottest trends – amongst others to be featured soon – has to be the patch. A good look is the classic 'geography teacher' elbow patch sewn on herringbone or tweed jackets. These can be found at reasonably cheap prices if you're willing to scour a good vintage/ charity store. On the high street Topman and H&M have their own range of updated slimmer fitting jackets, some in more casual jersey fabrics. The pocket patch (see item 5 and 6) is a recent development spearheaded by online retailer ASOS. They have a large amount of superb tees, cardigans and sweatshirts with these included. Moreover, shooting/hunting patches (see item 1 and 2) add to the Middle England heritage feel this trend represents . The suede, corduroy or leather material of such patches not only create a great focal point for your look, but provide a base around which you can compliment other items. As with all trends beware of the fad factor.

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