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Saturday, August 27, 2011 1

After a day spent watching goalless draws I was looking for some entertainment. Full of hope I turned to The X-factor in search of something to fill that long gap between Gillette Soccer Saturday and Match of The Day. A few minutes in it was clear that whilst I may be momentarily entertained, there would be no real suspense, shock or excitement. As this once fresh show slides further down the path of painful predictability.

Early on, we are introduced to a fellow dressed as you would expect someone with substance abuse issues would. Don't be shocked, it's totally okay for me to say this, Gary Barlow said he too pre-judges. Past experience tells me this guy would either be a total nutter or the next Susanne Boyle.

After belting out a great rendition of an Etta James song it seems clear we have the male SuBo already rapped up in week two. Queue rapturous applause from audience members who had been looking to exercise their vocals in order to laugh him back to Harrow. Everyone is left questioning their inner conscious. How could we have instantly written off this strange looking guy? What is wrong with such a society? Far from being a reality show The X-Factor doubles up as a forum for deep social debate.

Not to mess with a winning formula, the next 'surprise' is Liverpool local Craig, a biscuit factory worker with the perfect back story: His parents totally unaware their son is an amazing singer sat in the audience. This made for great television as the camera panned back and forth between his performance and tearful reactions. Time to reach for a tissue. But not before rolling on the floor with laughter as in came this week's delusional immigrant act, The Duo.

Remember to grab extra tissues as the painful story of Misha Bryan's tough upbringing fills our screens. Her talent is unquestionable and she seems a strong contender. However, it seems The X-Factor simply does not put forward people without side issues. It just wouldnt fit into the formula for great TV!

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  1. While you might be right to say that the Xfactor is predictable ( in my opinion it has always been ), take a minute to think of a person in this world that does not have "side issues" as you like to call it. As long as we're humans and live in a social world, we're going to get the sob stories. Great read though.

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