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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 0

As I lounge on the sofa , face glued to Sky Sports News, I slowly realised that very few days are more exciting than the closing of the summer transfer window. In fact, it seems, to me, that for all core aspects of even Christmas Day it has a potent response.

Just like at Christmas, a football fan gets presents of varying hues. If you're lucky, you get that something you've always dreamt about, like a quality centre back or a 30 goal-a-season striker. On the other hand, you could be left feeling as though you were gifted a pack of socks upon hearing of Emile Heskey’s pending medical at your club. However this may yet prove a sound investment giving that all your best pairs seem to go AWOL. Then there are the unwanted presents, like spontaneously getting rid of star players. Newcastle boss Mike Ashley is said to pride himself in gifting such treats.

Of course, all deadline day presents are delivered by Santa Clause and his helpers. Around this time of year they vacate Lapland for the plush surroundings at Sky Sports News. With the males sporting a uniform of sharp suits with ties to match the colours of their colleagues dress. Chief helper Jim White and his fantastically beautiful packers Georgie Thompson and Natalie Sawyer seemingly work without break travelling from London to Liverpool. Rudolph and the chaps take note.

Add the banter flying around the studio table to the feeling of intense fatigue felt upon watching this one channel all day long, and you'd be left feeling as though they provided Christmas dinner on this most exciting of occasions.

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