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Thursday, August 04, 2011 0

On a first listen to '4' I felt it should have been called 'Getting over your boyfriend for dummies'. Too many power ballads for my liking. Nevertheless, as time has passed most of the songs have grown on me and '4' seems a decent effort. 'I Miss You' is the only track not to have improved form my initial estimation however. This track is emotional, slow and strangely seductive. Written by the R'n'B man of the moment Frank Ocean, 'I Miss You' has appeal from day one. One striking thing about 'I Miss You' is its superiority when compared to her two singles so far, the annoying mess that is 'We Run The World (Girls)' and the okayish 'Best Thing I Never Had'. For a woman who, it would seem, hasn't had to deal with much relationship issues Beyonce is extraordinarily convincing . Admittedly, I felt a feint tug around my heart area on first listen. Her voice throughout most of the track is fittingly soft and dainty. I’m no expert but the beat seems no more than a simple drum pattern looped over a keyboard tune. This is far from a criticism. Any more than this would detract from the lyrics and vocals-- the crux of this tune. Ideally, 'I Miss You' should have been expanded beyond its original length (just under 3 minutes) as it seems a bit tucked away in its current state. Having said this, it is undoubtedly one of the most masterful tracks from what is just about an above average album.

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