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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4

Finally the planet's greatest football league is back. As well as welcoming back this weekly display of tantalizing football, I am keen to celebrate the touchline swag of the managers.Here's the Premier League's most stylish four:
  1. Sir Alex Ferguson: 24 years managing the world's most prestigious football club reflects on his touchline attire. As a leader of the old school Sir Alex wears equally classic suits. Often made complete with matching tie, pinhole flower and pocket square. Important games will probably see Sir Alex wearing the club tie with matching blazer embroidered with Utd's original insignia.
  2. André Villas-Boas: A tendency to drop the slimmer fitting suits for a crisp white shirt reflects the youth of this stylish European. Combine his steadfast avoidance of a razor and AVB could easily turn to modelling for GQ should his time at Chelsea follow the path of predecessors.
  3. Roberto Mancini: Sir Alex's noisy neighbour will still compete in the style stakes even when City fail to win the title. On top of his trademark team scarf, Mancini is usually looking dapper in a Manchester City suit alongside a slim fitting v-neck sweater.
  4. Roberto Martínez:  Wigan Athletic will not win a thing this season,yet Martínez does deserve some credit for his touchline style. He towers above fellow bottom-half managers  in those suave suits leaving the tracksuit wearing rivals in his wake.


  1. " the world's most prestigious football club " - no one can tell what team your support :-s

  2. Man Utd "the world's most prestigious football club"? Fuck about?

  3. Top notch analysis

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