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Sunday, August 07, 2011 0
SHOPPING SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD! Are the words I would love to shout at the cashier during that brief (and very socially awkward) slice of time whilst waiting for the machine to accept my card. My qualm isn’t really with the payment processes of high street retailers though. That kind of stuff is understandable, albeit very annoying.

Yet annoyance easily snowballs into rant-fueled rage when piercing through my eardrums comes that timeless creed: “I'm going to have to ask my manager”. As a seasoned just-for-the-cash Shop Assistant, I can vouch for the ease at which my colleagues wheeled it out. My hunch is that it's probably crystallized in writing somewhere within The Shop Assistant's Bible. Perhaps near the gospel on how to dress much worse than your customers. If not, it's definitely near the bit on how to annoy an experienced shoe buyer by constantly offering your services (Office and Barratts).

Hands down, being shrugged off with “I'm going to have to ask my manager” is the most disgusting of Shop Assistant vices. It seems, to me, that anything not within the scope of a box standard transaction will provoke this sweaty response. Please beware of exchanging A for B and attempting to pay the difference via gift card--this will surely require a store managers approval. The other day I found myself at H&M on Oxford Street where one numpty took 'Ask My Manager Syndrome' to a whole new level of foolishness. In these times of economic hardship I was happy to get my hands on a 20% discount voucher. Conscious of identity theft, I simply asked if she would remove the section stating my email address and personal details. How I wish I didn't bother. This simple request prolonged my visit by at least 15 minutes,in which the young lady suffered a nervous breakdown and yelled for store manager back up.

Admittedly, the manager did apologise for her colleagues stupidity. This is more than I can say for most, whose employees have steadily forced me to shop online. As to avoid the riff raff.

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