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Thursday, July 21, 2011 0

Strangely, for a bum, I woke up this morning at 6am my eyes still semi-closed and deeply crust infested, feeling dazed and hungry. Instead of running immediately to ransack the fridge (as per usual), on went my laptop with that degree of anticipation felt by Harry Potter fans upon the release of a new movie. What happened next was truly magical. Word has it Kanye West and Jay-z have been locked away for past few months in a luxury hotel somewhere in Soho New York creating their collaboration album "Watch The Throne". The first single, released this morning, is entitled 'Otis' and it adds credence to the rumors of these two hip hop monsters only exiting their luxury hotel rooms turned studios for food,water and general supplies. Named after soul legend Otis Redding, the single motors in with a distinctive sample of his voice. Classic Yeezy territory. The soulful sound continues to be expanded upon as the sample is looped over and over, ontop of a simple piano tune. The focus of 'Otis' isn't its magnetic beat but the lyrics. Good old hip hop, no catchy hook nor chorus. Instead Jay-z and Kanye West go in bar for bar, as though this where a musical boxing match. As big brother Jay-z delivers one deathly punchline "I got five passports// I'm never going to jail", torchbearer Kanye West fires back with a jab "I made Jesus walk so I'm never going to hell" .'Otis' continues this way,the battle rap between the Gods perhaps shaping up to be a classic... as a fan all I can do is show respect for their creativity and be sure to watch their throne.

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