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Tuesday, July 12, 2011 0
Interested? Check them out on ASOS
Would I wear one of these? The simple answer is no, probably never. Having said this, there is a case to be made for them.  Whilst they are best known as being 'vacation' attire typically patronised by 50 something fat and bald American fathers, some fashionista's appear to be attempting to take hold of these bold shirts. And I think I see why: 

Admittedly they are garish and extremely loud, but perhaps this is a good thing? Someone with the confidence to wear one is a bigger man than me, willing to sacrifice severe ridicule in the name of creating a unique swag for oneself. In addition to this, I do see some stylistic integrity in a good Aloha/Hawaiian shirt. A well cut, slimmer fitting number may just work with some simple cargo shorts or dark washed jeans. Moreover, some of the prints I've seen are rather cool, with the  extremely vivid pink one (above) being a personal favorite. To tell the truth, I think I may have convinced myself about these. Won't put money down and buy one though, my Dad must have some going spare...  

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