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Sunday, July 10, 2011 2
Facebook has come a long way since I was first introduced to it. Back around 2005/6 my brother told me about this new thing everyone at his Uni was using, and it looked VERY boring. You couldn't 'like' stuff, it was a bit harder to stalk people, the graphics looked lame, even worse, there were no hilarious groups to giggle at and then join. Back then, I wanted the glitz and glamour of Bebo, Myspace, Netlog, Facepic and Hi5.  Now though, I am unashamed to say that Facebook is deeply embedded into the fabric of my day (probably spending about 8-10 hours on it per day). Because of this near emotional attachment to Facebook I am understandably annoyed by the following things I feel bring its good name into disrepute:
  1. People liking their own status, pictures and comments. Especially straight after uploading them.
  2. Too little info: Making EVERYTHING private to non-friends. Please get into the spirit of things.
  3. Too much info:"Went to X school with Y" did "A,B,C and D subject with E F and G" and was "employed as as paperboy from 2003-4". Errm okay.
  4. Deciding to upload pictures literally seconds after it has been taken.
  5. Those with profile pictures not of themselves but of cartoon characters, family pets, TV characters, musicians and other famous figures.
  6. Poor displays of Frape. It can be funny but homosexual status are steadily loosing their humor, get creative please. 
  7. Girls commenting on their friends pictures with things like "Ohh your so hot, I'm so jel" when its clear this is untrue 
  8. Girls who have taken the conscious decision to upload a picture and then claim to "look so ugly in this" 
  9. Ghetto people uploading pictures of items of designer clothing they recently purchased.(I'm pushed to think of anything more tacky. Perhaps when people upload 300 pictures of their latest  tattoo from varying angles?)... It annoys @AbiolaRB too I hear
  10. Girls with profile pictures that prove to be very misleading to say the least upon once the profile is thoroughly examined.
  11. An overly emotional and personal status- leave this for Twitter
  12. Hash tags- do them on Twitter
  13. People generally doing Twitter stuff on Facebook
  14. A status about how upset you are by your boyfriend who "Will miss me so much, I'm so over you.. on to new things" 
  15. Can I no longer have a simple album title? Or does it have to be some song lyric or insiders joke?
  16. Tagging people then quickly untagging, commenting then deleting, liking then un-liking. Notifications/ Emails have already been sent. Damage is already done.
  17. People with extremely poor grammar,spelling and general command of the English language having the audacity to make frequent posts
  18. Finding out you have been deleted for no apparent reason, and then weeks later being re-added. 

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