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Saturday, June 25, 2011 2
Around this time every year I remind myself about how I live 45 mins away from one of the worlds finest sporting events, and reassuringly tell myself: "I'll go this year". But don't. I should though, because far from being an incredibly interesting tennis tournament for a sporting fan like myself, Wimbledon is an ode to preppyness-and I'm a fan of that too. 

For some years now Ralph Lauren have been setting the style bar over in Wimbledon. Their ball boy outfit restores my faith in the Big Pony Range, it having taken a style bashing at the hands of hoodrats, freshies, and just about anyone who can hop on a bus to Vauxhall market. The umpires outfits are similarly home county-esque. The navy blue blazer complete with white piping is both contrasting and complementary alongside the white trousers. Moreover, the striped tie placed on the contrast collar shirt makes them look good enough for me to be less annoyed at hem for shouting "oooouuuuutt" like total mugs.

The players also seem to iron their Sunday best for Wimbledon.  At the top of the style stakes is Rodger Federer, who always puts on something that wouldn't look out of place over at The Sartorialist. This year he does his warm-up in a thick V-Neck sweater vest. His 2008 get up (above), as designed by Nike, included his trademark 'RF' insignia on top of a cashmere and linen blend.  I think I remember reading somewhere each of the buttons represented how many Wimbledon titles he had won. Whilst the chances of him adding  more buttons to that cardigan seem slimmer this year, thanks to Nadal, I doubt the spaniards warrior look will ever rival Federer's genteel appearance. Another Wimbeldon fashionista of note is Venus Williams, who apparently designs her own outfits. 

So it seems as well as being one of the best events in the British sporting calendar Wimbledon also has a lot to offer for in terms of style. 


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