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Sunday, May 01, 2011 2

I've long admired the long tradition of refined and well dressed English gentlemen. One prime example is our heir to the thrown HRH Prince Charles, easily the best dressed of the royal family and argueably the worlds best dressed man full stop. Rarely seen without a pocket square, complementing tie and double-breasted suit Charles defines dapper. He is the bar by which 'old man swag' is defined, and Eastenders' latest recruit appears to be putting in a good effort. Mr Bishop's staple look is 'The Geography Teacher' :a tweed/herringbone blazer, crisp white shirt and thick cotton v-neck jumper. His accessories of choice include a bow-tie accompanied by a woolly pattern scarf of some sort. It appears old man swag chimes with the ladies too. Prince Charles managing to play way out his league in getting the late Princes Diana (and then the not-so-glowing Camilla). Whilst Mr Bishop has the best catch on the square in Dot Branning, the loving wife  and domestic goddess. Old man swag seems to be the way forward for all 60+, so I'll definitely keep this in mind when I reach such an age.


  1. I'm sure the fact that the fact that Charles is heir to the British throne had more to do with how he punched above his weight and married Diana. This post was only salvaged by the fantastic Dot Cotton line

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