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Sunday, May 15, 2011 0
Those who say one can't wear this or that need to shut up. It's a free world, so wear whatever you like. However, do so with the knowledge that not everything is made for you. What may be popular and look good on some, could  just not suit you.  Here's a list of ten things I've noticed to look susepect on some:
  1. Espadrilles- This creation of cloth, rope and jute tends not to suit people with larger feet. The light texture clings to ones feet accentuating the size of them-especially if worn with cropped or skinny jeans. For that reason, my glorious size 11's stay well away.
  2. Deep V-Neck-  Can look good on quite a few people but it's most likely your athletic friend who frequents the gym. Also, if you have 'furry man cleavage' (to steal a phrase from Esquire) I would probably go for a round neck.
  3. Skinny Jeans-Called so for a good reason, best worn if you frame accords with that adjective. 
  4. Loose Summertime Vests- Very unconvincing on those that don't have that  scruffy yet built thing going on.
  5. Chinos- A tender issue. I used to wear these back in 2008, going specifically for the preppy look they were designed for. 3 years later any lasting drop of preppyness is being squeezed by these funny carrot cut's and odd shades. I still feel the classic chino has a role to play, but only if you respect it as a bastion of preppyness.
  6. Ray-Ban Wayfarer- My sunglasses post explains all.
  7. Coloured Trousers- I have a few pairs, so I think they can work. But deep thought has to be given before simply throwing them on.
  8. Man Bags- Is it just me or do some just look like they're carrying a bag full of tools ready to fit a Sky dish when carrying one?
  9. Trilby Hats- This summer a few will try, and a few will fail. Partly because they just seem uncomfortable with it on and partly because their head or hair doesn't suit it. Hence, why I shan't wear one.
  10. Casual Bow Ties- Get it good, then your Carlton Banks. Get it wrong, and you look like Krusty The Clown.

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