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Thursday, April 14, 2011 0

I'm writing this post following a Facebook conversation in which I and my chat buddy agreed that wearing sunglasses is a complete and utter nightmare for us. My key problem is one of appearance. Every time I try and wear them, they just don't seem to 'fit'. Especially the styles I deem cool. Last summer on a family holiday to Morocco my sister allowed me to sport her Ray Ban Club Masters for a bit. I've always found the Club Master very Rosewood on Kanye West, Malcom X and random members of bands. However on me they just don't look or feel right, for whatever reason.

Which brings me to the second issue, how I ,and my Facebook chat buddy, feel when we do decide to don some shades. Upon wearing a pair of shades I immediately enter a mind frame probably not too far away from that of a paranoid schizophrenic. Sidebar/Disclaimer: Mental illness is a serious issue and I in no way want to belittle it. Nevertheless, I feel very uneasy about wearing shades when not on holiday or at a party of some sort. Are they really necessary? I mean is it really that hot today? Am I not just trying too hard just like the all white brigade I've belittled on this very blog? 

I think I'll end this post here as most readers are probably already very annoyed by my worrying level of self consciousness. However if you do share at least a fraction of my sunglasses woe why not 'like' or 'tweet' this post, and we can show each other some social network solidarity. 

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