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Friday, April 15, 2011 1

I'm not a hardcore grime music fan however from time to time grime impresses me. Chipmunk did with 'Who are you?', Tinie Tempah with 'Hood Economics' and I'm still a great fan of Don Strapzy's F64. The self labelled 'King of Grime' has done this with 'Numbers in Action'. I'm unsure as to how long this song has been floating about however about 30 minutes ago I came across this video and was immediately impressed by everything. The beat is charmingly simple, basically a thumping repetitive drum beat with some samples thrown in for variety. This blank canvass allows for Wiley's lyrics to be hear crisply.

Similarly, the video is simple yet effective. Shot in just one scene, a disused warehouse I presume, this is a video with some real artistic integrity. The directer visually strips down the song into its fundamental elements in a creative manner. I can't really explain exactly why there's about 5 Wileys in the background doing basic things like bouncing a ball or doing press ups, but all I know is that it works and the skill taken to compile this ensemble should be applauded. You can see it was artfully conceived yet watching it is relaxing and it appears making it was great fun.This is an outstanding video. Both the song and the video have become my new favorite things. Well done Wiley!

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