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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 2

After female suffrage, the Sex Discrimination Act and the prospect of not arriving home to a hot plate of shepherds pie,I doubt anything annoys a misogynist more than the maxi dress. As long as they keep popping up every summer some will always long for the demise of head buyers and designers at Topshop, Primark, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, Bohoo, New Look, River Island and wherever else you can purchase these things. To be frank, I feel their pain.

To me, most maxi dresses seem no more than a tablecloths wrapped around your person. What’s worse is that they're not even like the chic cloths you find in high end shops with an artistic display of edgy crockery on them. No. Most maxi dresses I've seen resemble those flowery things you would expect to see covering a creaky table at your local retirement home with "a nice bit of fruit cake and orange squash" placed in the middle. Stylistically, they could better. They are just far too floral for my liking, fluttering all over the bloody place as though this is some 1960's The Beatles music video...whilst the wearer struggles in wind to pin it down.

Just don't wear it if the wind poses so much of a hazard. Perhaps something more summery like shorts and a crop top would be more comfortable? It would certainly do more for your stock in male circles. On researching this post, I couldn't find a single male who would rather see girls in flowery dungarees as opposed to seeing just a bit of skin - probably because maxi dresses cannot allow for a good evaluation of all those wonderful female frames.No legs, no hips,no cleavage, sometimes even no arms! After all, throughout winter and autumn you've been wrapped up (some of you getting trim for summer) so why not use these few months wisely and embrace your beauty. Off course beauty is only skin deep, blah blah blah, but it's painfully tough to make informed decisions when someone's wearing the western equivalent of a Burka.

I expect comments like: 'I don't wear clothes for guys, I do it for me'. Whilst I respect the independent woman movement, in the words of Misogynist of The Year Richard Keys “do me a favour love!” All people, men included, care about the opinion of the opposite sex and as I have said already, they do not tickle our fancy! So I plead (and I don't often do this), could we have less of the maxi dress this summer? Thanks.  

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