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Friday, April 22, 2011 0

Despite the post in which I mourn the arrival of summer, it's happening and that there's nothing The Taste Level can do to stop it. After acceptance comes adjustment, and I feel the Oxford shirt circumnavigates the perils of summer attire. I've been amassing these button-down collar shirts because they are reem (inevitable Joey Essex post soon to come). Typically made from lightweight cloth this shirt can be worn in a number of ways. Under the burning summer heat simply undo the top button, roll down the sleeves and un-tuck for some comfort whilst still looking crisp. If you're going somewhere formal later, tuck in the shirt, wear a blazer and you're sorted. Going for the preppy look? Combine this item with a knitted tie, plaited belt and some loafers to rival Carlton Banks. Maybe you're a backpacking hipster, if so why not wear the shirt 'cape style' with only the collar and few buttons done up, as to reveal a tee of complimentary color underneath. They shouldn't set you back too far in Uniqlo, Topman or even Allders* where I secured one for £2.50. Hope your convinced by the Oxford shirt's fashion potential, they seem a smart choice to me... 

*Unless you're privileged to living in or around the fashion mecca that is Croydon this in unlikely. Allders went bust everywhere else.

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