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Monday, April 04, 2011 1
1.Leather Bracelet,£5.99-H&M//2.Tube Bracelet,£5- Burton//3.Cord and Bead Bracelet,£8-Topman//4.Gold Skull Wrist Chain,£9.99-River Island//Shockra Nome Blood Bracelet, £!PRICEY!-Karmaloop//6.Bead and Rope Bracelet Pack,£6-ASOS//7. 'Gothic' Bracelet Pack, £2.99-H&M//8.Plaited Fabric Friendship Band,£4-Topman//9.Leather Braclet Pack,£8-ASOS

Regular visitors to this blog may realise how I often claim not being able to leave the house without X or Y, this time I'm being serious...for real. Wrist wear/ Bracelets are definitely something I must wear before leaving my prison cell (cheap campus accommodation). Why? Well,like all other accessories they have the ability to give your everyday look 'that little bit extra', whether it be by adding a bit of  texture with some leather or a burst of colour. They provide your outfit with a level of depth especially welcome when wearing short sleeved items and/or not wearing a watch. Bar the Shockra Nome Bracelet above, most are relatively cheap. You can therefore amass a healthy collection , which if your like me is handy given that you'll loose a lot somewhere in the chasm of stuff captured by your bedroom. As with all good things I'd be inclined to wear them within reason. Assuming your not drawn to the hippie look I'd probably not wear much more than the amount in picture 9 on a single wrist at any one time.

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  1. Loving 1,2 and 9 :) I want them all just for me!
    And there's nothing wrong with being a hippie!!

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