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Monday, March 14, 2011 3

How angry must someone be to question the value of something as jolly as summer? Any human being walking around in summer will inevitably find it hard not to be moved by lovers holding hands in the sun, people playing football on the university green, cool kids  wearing ray ban shades whilst reading philosophy, kids rolling about playing 40/40 home in the neighbourhood...

Given this, why is it that the  rising temperature is getting me so hot under the collar? The prime reason is summer attire, I absolutely hate it. I personally feel as though summer time brings out the worst in fashion. Intense heat significantly reduces ones variety of looks, it's pretty much top and shorts if you don't want to roast. For males, there leaves little room for individuality between the months of summer, no layering, no scarves and most painfully for me, no jackets!

I also squirm at the choices people make in summer. I don't think a summer day has yet gone by without me being subjected to a group of youths paying homage to the heat by wearing the classic 'all white' summer uniform (boys:white tee, baggy shorts, white 'stunna shades', white Air Forces with white socks. girls: white jeans, white vest top, nike air rift's). Indeed, under the burning heat, people of advanced proportions seem to acquire a regrettable level of bravery when it comes to skimpiness of dress.

Having said this, my hatred strong disliking of summer is founded on some less base reasons. Kids just seem to act foolish in summer. I can't back this up with stats but I'm sure London's crime rate goes up during summer time.Moreover, summer holiday joy is always tempered by forthcoming exams, and later sweaty dreams about the results. This distress is heightened when you note that future employers want to know you didn't spend your summer raving and sleeping/eating biscuits but actually got some work experience or helped build a damn in Cambodia or something similarly noble.

In comprising this post my friend reminded me that summer does have it's strong points. Days out with friends, lads holidays and lovely girls dressed inappropriately. He may have a point, maybe I am just being silly and ranting for the sake of it

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  1. I completely agree, winter/fall/spring have such better fashion offerings than summer does... but those people that can manage to still look fashionable during the summer are the ones with true talent.

  2. Agreed, the truly talented can survive the summer with diversity. It brings on a challenge of packing more punch into a small amount of clothing.

  3. True comments guys, thanks for reading

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