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Sunday, March 20, 2011 6

I will never forget that fateful moment. It was 8.20pm on March 16th,  when I was blissfully studying and got a message from my friend, "Do a post on that Friday tune by Rebecca Black". Rebecca who? Was my original reaction.Is it because my mate is studying in London and I'm in the mucky Midlands that I don't know this Hip Hop/ Grime Banger? In search of this urban classic I got onto YouTube.

I won't describe what I saw next, all 26 million viewers (and counting) know the many flaws of this track.No,the aim of this post is to defend the seemingly indefensible, wish me luck.

First things first, this song acts as a great nursery rhyme/ learning tool. Any of you guys with toddler relatives will know that they find it hard to remember the most basic of sequences. Numbers, the alphabet, months and even days of the week. With this in mind, rather than harking back to some archaic memorization tool why not ask Rebecca for some help? "Yesterday was Thursday today is Fri-day, Fri-day...". Now that the're au fait with Friday you can advance to other days of the week: "tomorrow is Saturday, then Sunday comes afterwards". In no time your little relative will be spraying the days of the week from the top of their heads courtesy of Miss Black.

Moreover, Rebecca is actually speaking the truth. All of us working or studying revel in the delight of a Friday. It represents a sort of temporary emancipation from The Man and the struggle that The Man represents. It's a day to kick back relax, go to parties( perhaps as fun as Rebecca's) and get your mack on before the hell that is Monday morning. Also true is the debate as to whether to sit in front or the back. Many a time have I hopped into a mates car and questioned whether sitting in the front was too presumptive. Her lyrics clearly come from the heart.

On a serious note, I think it's good just to take this track for what it is: a 13 year old girl singing about what girls her age enjoy. When compared to 10 year old Willow Smith's, slightly over sexualised 'Whip My Hair', Black comes up better. There's no premature talk of 'getting my swag on' or 'haters' from what should be an innocent young child, and thankfully unlike 'Whip My Hair' I don't run the risk of hearing 'Friday' in clubs and having to dodge getting a face full of smelly weave. Friday is simply a happy-go-lucky song by a young teenager, she herself has acknowledged not being the worlds best singer. The level of abuse directed her way is thus uncalled for: "I hope you go cut yourself and die"?!!?!

Black will probably get the last laugh anyway, with it rising on iTunes Charts I predict some sort of mini-series on Nickelodeon or The Disney Channel could follow shortly. Do you see any value in this tune? Comment Below


  1. Your post has provided me with entertainment for the night.
    While it might be true that the song can be taught as a nursery rhyme, have you noticed how we would not have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if we were to listen to Miss Black?

    And yeah, Willow Smith is quite inappropriate for her age, but I reckon it will be beneficial for her in the long term to be quite fierce.
    Look at stars like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Taylor Momsen or Linsday Lohan- made their breakthrough as sweet innocent little girls, ending up wasting their youth away on drugs and over-sexualised portrayals of themselves. Miss Black vulnerable perhaps? I should think so.

  2. Your idea that this song could act as a learning tool is cute, but not even that necessary of a defense.
    End of the day, it's a 13 year old girl that has more 'Pz' than the most of the youtube account holders insulting her.
    I also anticipate seeing her name in the credits of Bring it on yet again, or High School Musical 12 or some all American surreptitiously sleazy cheese fest.

    Yeah, fully agree that people do worry about which part of a car to sit in. Front seat- am I close enough to the driver? Ready to help with directions? Back seat- am i prepared to potentially miss out on conversation?
    Much prefer my (hypothetical) kid to listen to this than PCD or Beyonce.
    She probably will destroy her childhood and lose her innocence. Such is the industry.

  3. OMG! I haven't laughed this much in AGES! I'm actually just here cracking days! I went on the YouTube and I've never seen such an imbalanced like/dislike bar in my life! Scroll down to check out the comments and nada...clicked on 'view all comments' and they've ALL been 'flagged as spam'. I'm actually in tears!!! LOL

  4. This is good, I enjoyed it. I saw Willow Smith do "Whip My Hair" last night and thought the same thing.

  5. Whether people like the music or not, this should not become an excuse for a hate campaign against a 13 year old girl. You should check out the Facebook campaign 'Defend Rebecca Black'. No one deserves to be bullied!

  6. Well said! Everyone should be allowed to go about their business without receiving abuse for what they do. Okay, it's not everyone's taste in music and some of it is cringeworthy but it's no reason to receive death threats. Why don't people channel their aggression into something worthwhile?

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