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Wednesday, March 02, 2011 3
Picture via Stockholm Street Style and Trashness 

A few posts back I mentioned that I would do a quick bit on the male clutch. Well here it is.

The male clutch appears to be a hit in the blogosphere , with sites such trashness, the sartorialist and carolines mode  recently featuring them. I do believe this accesory is more than just another item for middle class campus folk seeking to look 'different' and aspiring artists named Rudolph. It does have intrinsic value. For instance, I have often found it hard to justify carrying a large bag when all I have inside are a few papers and pens. You needn't have 20/20 vision to note that a conventional bag looks strikingly hollow on such occasions. As well as solving that problem, I believe that the male clutch is perfect for making a decent impression at interviews and other analogous situations. I find it hard to believe that one can turn up suited to an interview whilst carrying a backpack and claim to be a serious contender. You could carry the conventional briefcase but this seems slightly presumptive, it's the interview not your first day. Turn up without luggage and risk looking lethargic.The male clutch solves these problems, allowing you to place within it copies of your CV's and application form (it's always good to know what aspects will be discussed) alongside your phone, train ticket, map, instructions and whatever else.

All in all, the male clutch fills the 'luggage deficit'  present when you have some reason for a bag but not enough items to warrant a full one. The fact that it looks astonishingly suave is an added bonus! 


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    Love your post by the way :).

  2. love this post! and i will take you up on that 'male approach':] hope all is well, xoxo!

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