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Monday, February 21, 2011 0

As far as fictional characters go, I feel it safe to say that there's no one else in TV land as dapper as 'Gossip Girl's' Chuck Bass or Donald Draper of 'Mad Men'. Frame by frame they grace our TV's, or in most cases laptops screens, with effortless style. Billionaire Bass' trademark bow-tie's are always a hit especially when accompanied with a hole flower adorning the lapel. The thing I find most striking about Bass' wardrobe is that he's never scared of mixing and matching colours. When on 'vacation' (what a horrible term) with his fellow silver spooners, Bass may sport a linen suit or cricket jumper with ease. Not to be outdone, Draper is rarely seen without a flat pocket square alongside a simple slim silk tie over a crisp white shirt and tonic suit. He has that trademark 1960's slicked back hair, side parting included, that I see chaps in Bromley attempting with varied levels of success. Once at home in suburbia, Draper's typical attire includes a long-sleeved polo sweater of some sort alongside casual loafers (arch enemy to the ubiquitous boat shoe). Both men define the term suave.

As if things couldn't be better for Bass and Draper, they also have amazing lives. Bass, the heir to a billion dollar empire, has the pick of literally any model he pleases. Draper on the other hand, is partner at a firm at the top of the advertising industry and is to that industry what Einstein was to theoretical physics. He too has had many a beautiful woman both after and during his failed marriage with his ex-model wife.

All in all both men pretty much have a taste level of fantastic proportions  

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