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Saturday, February 19, 2011 2

Could somebody tell me why I am posting this video instead of completing my botched criminal law essay? Perhaps it's my annoying obsession with all things Kanye West? or maybe it's because Rihanna is wearing an outfit to make models in Amsterdam's Red Light District green with envy?
Both are true. But it's really because I truly feel that this is a fantastic video. Given that he released Runaway you could have thought he would just cut bits from that and paste it onto this. However Kanye West never does anything by halves, especially not music videos. To be totally honest I cannot be bothered to describe the video as I have to complete this assignment. In any case I couldn't possibly describe it to the standard it deserves. 

As always, your comments are welcome. ..


  1. Good video!! But didn't Cudi's momma teach him to face the camera?!


  2. lol, he's clearly had a shocking upbringing! Thanks for the comment btw

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