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Sunday, February 06, 2011 0

Kid Cudi/ Mr Solo Dolo/ Cudder is an incredible artist. I will call him an artist because he can't really be defined as a rapper, singer or anything else. He just is. Both his albums Man on the Moon & Man on the Moon II: Legend of the Rager are absolutely amazing. The sound of both of them is just so chillaxed (so good I can't find an actual word to describe them) and unlike anything that I am used to. He speaks about real emotion: the death of his father, being lonely and even ventures into the dark depths of his cocaine addiction.  On top of this, he has dabbled in a bit of acting, and is far more convincing than mentor/boss Kanye West appears to be in his seminal music video 'Runway'. Be sure to give Cudder's music a go, I have found it provides easy listening on a Sunday night before a hectic week. For some reason or another his track Marijuana is a personal favourite.  

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