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Tuesday, February 08, 2011 2
Top- Bottom, Left-Right: Pointer x Porter Shopper, Maxwell Scott Male Clutch, Regent x 67876 R6 Backpack, Uniqlo Backpack, Zara Herringbone Bowling Bag, Gravis Hubble Backpack
Supposing my behind the scenes analysis of this blog's statisitcs are correct, I think I can assume that a large proportion of those looking at this are students. Hopefully you're male as unfortunately I can't infer gender from my stats. If you are both male and a student, this post, and indeed blog, is definitely for you. Given that a large proportion of our time is spent lugging books, papers and whatever else around campus, surely it makes at least some sense to do this with a bit of style? With that in mind, consider getting yourself a durable and stylish bag.. or two or three. Doing research for this post I realised just how enriched the world of male luggage is. Word is styles range from Shoppers,Satchels, Holdalls, Backpacks, Rucksacks, Barrel and the list continues. An interesting revelation is the male clutch (top row, middle), a kind of last minute solution in which you stuff your papers, pens and phone inside. I think I may do a bit more research on this phenomena, so look out for a male clutch post. In the meantime please give your books the love they deserve and get a bag of style significance. 


  1. man clutchs are nice!
    love - very good site..
    x x

  2. Love the stuff, the brown oxford like bag is my favorite!

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