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Saturday, February 12, 2011 2
In this quick post I would like to thank  **OnYxStA** at BLEURGH for ranking me 2nd in her Stylish Blogger Awards (beaten only by my sisters sub-par blog).It's always satisfying to hear people say things like: 'I checked your blog out, and it was really good' or to see on my statistics that I am about 50 views short of my 1000th hit. Even cooler is that it appears I have at least one fan in both Saudi Arabia and Australia! So again, much appreciation to **OnYxStA**  , my 6 actual followers and you secrete followers...


  1. LOOOL
    if anyone want to visit this sub par blog
    x x

  2. LOOOOOOOOL You are SO mean! I did the list in no particular order....about sub-par! Secrete?...dude, spell check. But i wont lie, I do love your blog and your posts always have me chuckling. Keep it up :)

    Btw, can you please change it to BLEURGH not 'say-bleurgh'....thanks xx

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