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Sunday, January 23, 2011 1
Bottom-top, right-left: Adidas x Ransom-Dune Lux, Generic Surplus-Apache, Generic Surplus-Dury, Pointer-Bajaras II, Pointer-Cargo.
Having developed a somewhat unhealthy addiction to trainers around the age of 12, I have started to think that maybe this addiction should fade away with maturity in a similar fashion as it was built up. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to admire trainers in all their wonderful permutations and guises, I'll certainly wear all existing pairs, and perhaps even buy some new ones. But maybe it would be wise to tip the shoe collection axis towards that of a young adult? This means more of what I like to call quasi-trainers (toned down sports shoes) as well as casual footwear. Admittedly I have already begun this realignment,so this post isn't really some sort of epiphany nor is it a legitimate internal debate that I am undergoing...just have to keep regular posts!! (see 'Blogger's Pledge')

Take a look at what I am talking about in the picture above, then comment below..  

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  1. i HATE a guy in trainers!!! eurgh! i think just like females quit wearing tracksuits socially in year9, so also should there be an age limit for guys and 'sneakers' (cant stand that word, too american for my liking!)

    I am diggin the idea of the quasi-trainer as I am a BIG fan of Toms and the velvet shoe that is sweeping african twens by storm! I hate leather pointy shoes too so this seems the right balance...i support this movement 120%

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