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Tuesday, January 18, 2011 3

I would like to introduce you to something I like to call 'The Hooded Conundrum'. It goes a little something like this:

It’s approximately 3am at my university campus (although the time or precise location doesn’t really matter. What is key is that it’s dark, cold and we are in suburbia). Perfectly naturally, my friend has an urge to go to the 24 hour Tesco so early in the morning. I’m bored and need some juice, so I decide to go with him. The conundrum begins.

What to wear? Not in a metrosexual “I can’t figure out what I’m gonna wear” way, this problem seems to be psychosocial. As I have said already, it’s dark and cold in suburbia, oh… and I’m black. I was thus  faced with a dilemma. Should or shouldn’t I cover up to combat the adverse weather with my black hat and black gloves alongside the black hoody black/grey jeans and black fringed boots I was already wearing ? (it was an All Black Monday). After 10 minutes of internal debate, I decided to give the black accessories a miss. 

Why? Well, I did this partly because I didn’t want to startle anyone I could pass on my way to and from Tesco and partly because I didn’t want to arouse suspicion from the patrolling estate managers on campus. My underlying reasoning was that people would assume that I was up no good… All black attire? black male? 3am? I mean come on!! I didn’t wear my hood up for the exact same reason. 

This is not the first time either, paper rounds on wet days posed a similar conundrum.  I believe this dilemma is no more than a symptom of my inflated self-conscious . However your opinions are welcome! 

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  1. When you live in Thornton Heath (South London), you are black and is also faced with the same challenge (even though I live at home and therefore would not dream of leaving my house at those unsociable hours). You have no worries in going out in this type of attire as it is the norm.

    In fact it may even help to keep your possessions, instead of having them taken away by muggers.

  2. I myself have experienced a similar situation. In this scenario I was walking around my own respective university campus as 2am and had my hood up because it was raining. I was then approached by a group of Australian youths who approached me and asked me if I could "sort them out with any weed".

  3. LMAO at the comment above, I have been asked about weed locations in the daytime!

    It maybe less about what you wear and more about how others see you/ignorant minds..
    However saying that if I did see an all blacked out hoodied guy, I wouldnt hesisate to cross the road and perhaps up my speed.

    In a campus uni environment though - I probably wouldnt. 3am is no different to 12midday for me. Everytime is daytime.
    Us students dont really have a time frame for activites, do we?
    x x

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