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Monday, January 31, 2011 2

It has come to my knowledge that fashion oracle Gok Wan is back on TV.  In times of intense boredom, I may have had a quick glance at what this dude has to say on style. On one such occasion I heard him mention something about 'buying less and wearing more'. Hmm...novel idea, catchy phrase, but he's wrong. Perhaps you should buy less clothes 'just because', but generally speaking I'm unsure where Mr Wan is coming from on this one. Take an issue that is close to my heart as an example: How does Gok suggest one honestly calls themselves a sneaker head if they take his advice? The whole point of the collection of shoes is to immerse yourself in varied styles of trainers in one-off colour-ways, in the hope that one day they will be worth a tidy sum. You must clearly 'buy more' to do the above. Supposing you want to realise the collections value they must be well kept and clean, hence 'wearing more' ,as Gok suggests, may not be the greatest of ideas.

But what if your not a collector, surely 'buying less and wearing more' is a sensible idea? Again I must disagree. I've found that an ample wardrobe ultimately leads to more looks to pick from as to satisfy your given mood and occasion. This doesn't have to mean breaking the bank, many retailers seem to have perpetual sales, offers, and voucher codes all bringing down the cost of your stuff. Moreover, non branded clothes do a great job, so there's no need to be a label fanboy. 'Wear more' as Gok says and you run the risk of clothing burn out: an item that was once the star of your wardrobe becomes dull as it's worn far too frequently. Symptoms include: a general loss of look due to several wears and washes, alongside the psychological fatigue of  seeing yourself in the same 'star piece'. Both will soon extinguish this items star quality.

Essentially, I feel that instead of 'buying less' you should buy more basic items, look after them all for longer and then occasionally accompany with an extraordinarily fly item. To me, a policy of 'buying more and wearing less' has more value than following Gok's advice. Do you agree? Comment below.


  1. LMAO great choice of picture!
    yea im not on for this buy less marlark...
    Britian needs a new Gok!
    x x

  2. i love the idea of buy less cos atm, i'm suffering from insane memory loss of the pieces in my wardrobe and it caused unnecessary sprees lastyear that i wish not to repeat in 2011


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